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Branding Policy

Pawn Stars UK Limited Branding Policy

This policy governs the use of all Pawn Stars UK Limited Trademarks and Brands for any purpose.

Pawn Stars UK Limited Trademarks may be used only as permitted by this policy. The following applies to all uses of Pawn Stars UK Limited businesses and Trademarks;

  • The Wordmark is required on all official internal and external communications (excluding e-mail).

  • All International and Domestic Partner Web sites must Display an official Pawn Stars UK Limited Logo as provided.

  • In all matters of Official Pawn Stars UK Limited Business, the company Colours of blue and white and/or Branded Elements (available on the Photo Library in the partners area) are required and must appear prominently.

  • Use of Pawn Stars UK Limited Trademarks in printed and electronic materials must conform to the brand requirements available in the partners area.

  • No Pawn Stars UK Limited Trademark may be altered in any way that has not been approved in writing by Pawn Stars UK Limited.

Pawn Stars UK Limited approved partner Seal.
The Pawn Stars UK Limited Seal is reserved for use on official documents bearing the signature of a member or officer of the Board; the president or a vice president, on official awards; or in connection with events involving the president, a vice president. The Seal may be used only as authorised in relation to contracts and international awards.

Pawn Stars UK Limited Brand
Pawn Stars UK Limited, are official brands of Pawn Stars UK Limited Only. All International Partners are expected to use the brand identity that relates to their contract and license whilst still adhering to the group brand requirements above.

Use of Pawn Stars UK Limited Brands, Trademarks and Logos

  • By Approved International Partners and Domestic Licensed Partners.

  • All Licensed parties are required to use the Wordmark and Logo, in connection with all Business and may do so as approved in the signed license agreement.


No individual, Unlicensed Business or employee may use any Logos, Brand or Trademark, or the official Web template, or refer to his or her affiliation with Pawn Stars UK Limited, in any manner that suggests or implies Pawn Stars UK Limited support or endorsement of a point of view or personal or political opinion, business, activity, movement, or program that is not Official Pawn Stars UK Limited Business or without written agreement under an instance. If there is potential for confusion in a statement describing affiliation with Pawn Stars UK Limited, one should dispel confusion through the use of a disclaimer stating that Pawn Stars UK Limited is not involved in the business, activity, movement, or program.

By Associated Organisations

Foundations and other associated organisations that have entered into Memoranda of Understanding with Pawn Stars UK Limited, as defined in the policies of the Board, may use the Pawn Stars UK Limited Logo as provided in such memoranda. All use must be in connection with their Pawn Stars UK Limited related activities and must comply with all policies and procedures of Pawn Stars UK Limited.

Prohibited Uses of Pawn Stars UK Limited Brands, Logos and Trademarks

No Endorsements.

Neither the name of Pawn Stars UK Limited nor any Of its partners Trademarks, including the company Colours, may be used in any way that gives a false impression, is misleading, or could cause confusion regarding Pawn Stars UK Limited''s relationship with any person or entity. Specifically, neither the name of Pawn Stars UK Limited nor any Partners Trademark may be used to characterise Pawn Stars UK Limited as a user of a product or service, or as having conducted research relating to a commercial product or program, or in any other way to convey or imply the endorsement of a commercial product or service.

General Prohibition.

Neither the name of Pawn Stars UK Limited / Danusnet Limited nor any Partners Trademark may be used in connection with any person, entity, product, or service with which the association could adversely affect Pawn Stars UK Limited''s image or standing or that would for any other reason be inappropriate for an International company.


If a violation of this policy is identified, Pawn Stars UK Limited will be required to work with the Legal Department to determine the action needed, which may include redesign and reprinting of materials, license removal, financial easing. With respect to all violations of this policy, Pawn Stars UK Limited reserves its right to seek appropriate remedies under applicable International and Local law.



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